G-Detect : application android pour la détection de métaux

G-Detect est une application gratuite destinée à la détection de loisir. Pour les chercheurs de trésors et les collectionneurs de monnaies ou archéologues en herbe. Emportez vos sorties détection de […]

Lego minifigures series 14 (monsters) guide

Today I will share with you a custom lego minifigure guide to avoid duplicates from the beautifull lego series 14 (monsters). I love all this serie : especially the plant […]

Brick Collector : an android lego application for all legos fan

Today I will say a few words about Brick Collector. Just imagine : browse, manage all your collection of lego sets (even retired) and all minifigures series from your smartphone […]

Jungle heat cheat : how to save resources and never be attacked

Today, I will show you how to save resources on mobile game jungle heat. Here is a video using my AutoMClick mouse clicker software. With this tips, you will never […]

Mouse auto clicker AutoMClick : Hobbit Kingdom middle earth demo

Here is a video of my software AutoMClick. I use it with the android and ios game : the hobbit kingdom of middle earth. You can find for free the […]