Today, I will tell a few words about how to solve the error “nvidia unable to connect” on the geforce experience software.

I tried some “tips” from the web with any success. I will post the simplest but most efficient way to do in order to fix the issue.

1) First go to geforce experience download page.

2) Then re-install the software (you do not need do disinstall the “old” version).

3) That’s it ! Let’s get back with the geforce experience :).

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44 thoughts on “nvidia geforce experience unable to connect to nvidia try again later

  1. I am so angry that this worked… It literally took under a minute to reinstall the software. I had messed around with services, ran CCleaner, installed ALL windows updates (including optional), rebooted several times, and tried cursing/praying/selling my soul.

    Reinstalling the software is the first thing I should have done. I am a colossal dummy.

    Thanks for reminding us to check the simple stuff first. Cheers!

    1. It makes me crazy too :). I tried a lot of things (removing files, change settings…) and unfortunatly nothing worked.
      I lost some precious time that’s why i wrote this post. Glad to helped you ;).

  2. Thank you so much, you have no idea how much frustration I have gone through this evening, and you just solved all of my problems, I can’t thank you enough.

  3. Worked great…only took a couple of minutes to download….like others, I’ve been living with this problem for months as well…thanks much!

  4. Thank you for this post. I saw several other OLD posts from others regarding the network service needing to be fixed and restarted, but that was not my issue. It is a brand new laptop and so I hadn’t even thought to re-install the software. I figured someone would have thoroughly tested all this already. But hey, what do you know a simple re-install from the NVIDIA download site did in fact fix the issue. Annoyance gone. Thanks.

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